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POWER S814-XL offers more capacity and space.


POWER S814-XL is the right solution when there are a lot of users and greater need for capacity. POWER S814-XL service is has unlimited potential to grow to meet your needs.


The service is a safe and effective solution. You will be completely free of the costs and responsibilities related to the maintenance of your system, the continuity of services is our resposibility. We will take care of licenses, version upgrades, maintenance, backups and security.


In addition to long-term production use, POWER S814-XL is ideal for short-term testing.




Performance and capacity for numerous users.

1. Datacenter location

2. Server

3. Concurrent users

4. OS level

5. Software

6. Hard Drives

7. Backup

8. Monitoring

9. Bandwidth

10. IP Addresses

11. Contract period



930 €/month